Rowing Workouts

  • Leg and Back Workout for Rowers

    aerobic / cardiobodyweightstability ballmachineresistance tube

    This workout strengthens your legs, arms, and back to give you power during your rowing sessions. Use the rowing machine for five minutes to warm-up. Then start with the strength training exercises (2-3 sets each), and finish with a set of rowing for...

  • Exercise Tube Arm Workout

    resistance tubebodyweight

    This is a quick, intense workout that you can do every day to strengthen your arms and keep them toned. You need one exercise tube and 8 minutes. Do 2 sets of each exercise to fatigue (feel a good burn at the end of each set, whether that is 10 reps for...

  • Full Body in an Hour

    aerobic / cardiomachinefree weight

    You can complete this workout in an hour or less at your gym. It is designed to piggyback 2 exercises at a time, alternating between upper body and lower body to give you active rest breaks. This gives one muscle group a chance to recover while another...

  • Lower Body Express

    activityfree weightmedicine ballstability ballbodyweight

    Do a 5 minute cardio warm-up, then these 6 exercises for a hard, fast lower body workout.

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