Full Body Tube Workout

Basic Info

  • Full Body Tube Workout

  • Under 30 minutes

  • Resistance tube

  • Beginner, Conditioning, Strength, Toning & Travel

  • Core, Lower body, Obliques & Upper body

  • proctor


About The Workout

  • Use an exercise tube for this workout to strengthen your back and chest, arms and abs, legs and hips. You may want to have a lighter resistance tube for the arm exercises. Fill in how many repetitions and sets you did so you can improve upon that time you do it, even if just by 1%.

Task List

  • Row  
  • Chest Press  
  • Lat Pull-down  
  • Tris And Traps  
  • Torso Twist  
  • Bicep Curl  
  • Rear Deltoid Fly  
  • Incline Tricep Extension  
  • Calf Press  
  • Squats  
  • Hip Abduction  
  • Hip Adduction  
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