Weight Loss

The most important contributing factor to weight loss success is consistency

FitLink is designed to help keep you on track while pursuing your fitness or weight loss goals. Research shows that we make better choices at mealtime when we know we are going to record what we eat and share the info with others. Similarly, when we know we are going to record our workout results and see them on the screen in front of us, we are more inspired to squeeze out that last repetition so we can admire our efforts and results.

Talk with others in the community, track your meals and snacks, and record your exercise so that you can adjust it if necessary to guarantee success.

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Coming Soon to Help With Your Weight Loss Goals...

We are working on a number of additional features to help people with their weight loss goals including: a weight loss chart, weight tracker with notepad to see how you are feeling along the way, nutrition information and advice, and much more. All the tools you need to stay motivated, succeed, and be comfortable along the way will be at your fingertips!

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