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    Finding the perfect weight lifting partner takes time and a lot of interviewing. Your partner should be similar in experience, level and spirit.And remember to have a good partner, you also have to be a good partner in return.

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    There are many places to begin your weight lifting workout or training. You can join a local, low key gym or you can look for a body building gym which has a larger community of weight lifting enthusiasts.

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    Investing in a weight lifting personal trainer is a great step toward meeting your weight training and bodybuilding goals. Be sure your personal trainer is certified and has experience in bodybuilding and nutrition.

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  • Weight Lifting Partner 101

    Finding the perfect weight lifting partner is an art only you can master. There is no clear science to finding the person who will best compliment you and your workout style, but there are some key things to think about before commiting to any weight lifting partner. First and foremost, your partner should be someone you trust - nothing is so unfortunate as a partner who makes you nervous as you raise 200 pounds of weights over your head. Secondly, your partner should be someone who shares the same work ethic as you. A partner who likes to take a lot of breaks to rest when you like to take less will inevitably slow you down and make you frustrated. Additionally, your partner should be punctual. A chronic late-comer does not make for an efficient weight training partner. Lastly, your partner should be someone who has a positive and inspiring attitude. A perfect weight lifting match makes for exceptional and effective workout results. Find your perfect partner today and get to the gym. For starters, you and your partner can try this Lower Body Express workout.

  • Weight Lifting Spotter Tips

    To be a good weight lifting spotter, you must be focused, commited and dedicated. Spotting someone when they have 300 pounds lifted above their chest is a task that should not be taken lightly. You should never offer to spot unless you are an experienced weight lifter or bodybuilder. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you spot someone: keep your eyes on your partner, be prepared for anything, stay balanced with feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent, and keep 2 to 3 fingers lightly touching the bar bell. Also, know your partner's limits. If they are looking to be pushed harder, you do not have to caution them as often. However, if your partner is new to weight lifting, you stand closer to them and also have a little more contact on the bar bell. You can then easily and quikcly help them if they get tired. You should be familiar with the machines your partner is working on before you attempt to spot them. Remember - being a good spotter is not just about focus, it's about commiting to your partner and keeping them motivated on the road to achieving their bodybuilding goals. You and your spotting partner can even start a Weight Lifting Group to share your workout goals and weight lifting insight with others.

  • Bodybuilding Competitions

    Have you been working on sculpting your muscles? Are you being complimented at the gym for your physique? Then maybe it's time for you to show off. There are hundreds of bodybuilding competitions to choose from. The largest bodybuilding competition sanctioning body is the NPC (National Phsyique Commitee).Every competition has a set of rules and regulations. Some even have drug testing. Be sure to inform yourself of all the competitions policies before entering.

    When you've decided on a competition, there are numerous things you can do to prepare. Your competition workout should take into account all the muscle groups that will be judge. The judges will be looking for muscular size, definition, and symmetry. If you have a highly developed chest then your legs should be in proportion to your chest. To increase the look of definition, many bodybuilders use tanners and oils which enhance muscle line and give the body a glisten under the lights.

    You will also have to be good at posing. The pros at bodybuildingcompetionguide.com recommend you watch several competitions to see how others pose. They also recommend you practice often because holding poses involves not only strength but also endurance. There will be mandatory poses and then poses you can add. Watch bodybuilding posing videos to get ideas. Pick a song you enjoy moving to for the solo posing section of any competition. Posing is performance, so you should work to entertain.

    Bodybuildingcompetitionguide.com also suggests you monitor your diet. You will need to stay on a diet that will help you lose bodyfat while maintaining high levels of lean muscle. Check with your trainer or a physician about the proper diet choices. The last thing to keep in mind at your first bodybuilding competition is to remain confident. A cool, confident bodybuilder will shine with or without oils!

  • Weight Lifting For Seniors

    It's not often that you see individuals over the age of 70 in the gym lifting 200 lb barbells over their heads. But the fact is, it wouldn't be bad if more senior citizens signed up for gym memberships. As we age, muscle mass decreases. Without a decent amount of muscle mass our bone strength weakens, we have less mobility, and our balance becomes unstable. Senior citizens often retire from years of active living and employment to a staid life of sitting in chairs and wheelchairs. A lot of senior citizens fear movement due to pain and bone damage. But there is still hope. Muscle mass can be rebuilt with a proper and simple weight lifting regime. If you are over the age of 65 and have not been physically active in the past ten years, consider consulting a doctor about working out with weights and doing strength training. Many personal trainers have certifications that train them in how to assist senior citizens with workout programs. Many programs allow participants to do much of the exercises from a chair or with the use of a chair to soothe fears about falling. If you do choose to start weight lifting, try to gather up a group of friends to join you. It is great to have a personal motivator to count on and with a group you are held accountable for staying healthy. Look for groups like Young At Heart here at FitLink or create your own Group. Use the group, to schedule workouts, record results and share stories.

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