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    To perfect your volleyball skills, all you need is a ball and a partner. If you are best at serving, find a partner who is better at bumping. You can then exchange tips and help each other improve.

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    You don't have to be on a team to get expert advice from a volleyball coach. Find a coach nearby and ask questions about volleyball drills, game tips and injury prevention. Or schedule a private training session.

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    Once you've got a few partners and a coach, you've got a team. So, find an indoor or outdoor volleyball court near by and challenge a local team to a game. Volleyball courts can be found in parks, gyms and on beaches.

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  • Volleyball Partner Basics

    Finding the perfect volleyball partner involves some searching. Your volleyball partner should be someone whose skill level is the same or better than your own. Volleyball players have to be good at all skills from serving to digging. If you are great at bumping and setting, but not so good at serving, find a partner who is better at serving, so s/he can help you improve. Your volleyball partner should be punctual, positive and pro-active. It is important you and your partner set days for practices, establish a workout goal for each practice, and agree on a start and end time. Having a volleyball partner who you trust and whose experience you respect, can help you evolve as a player. Find a volleyball partner and have some fun out on the court today!

  • Volleyball Partner Drills

    Listing what your strengths and weaknesses are as a volleyball player is the first step to take what deciding what drills you and a volleyball partner should work on. Additionally, you and your volleyball partner can gear the drills towards the positions you play. If you are a middle hitter, you will want to work on your setting and passing skills. If you are a server, you will want to work on your overhand and underhand serves. There are skills all volleyball players need to perfect like jumping, passing and digging. To find great volleyball drills, go to the Volleyball Drills 'n' Skills website. Once you've practiced a few of the drills, share your favorites at Fitlink's Volleyball Forum.

  • Off Season Volleyball Training

    When the volleyball season ends, and you pack your knee pads and sneakers up, it's time to give your body a break. But how long should you take a break? And while you're not in preseason training, how should you be working out? Most volleyball coaches and trainers will tell you to take 2 to 3 weeks off. No games, no workouts and lots of sleep.

    Most sports physical therapists recommend that during the off season volleyball players take time to allow the mind to rest, to allow muscles to recovery and to address any in-season injuries. This time can be spent evaluating your strengths and weaknesses from the prior season. Do you need to improve your serving or setting? Do you need to learn how to get more height with your jumps or get more aggressive on the court? With the advice of your volleyball coach, you can create a workout plan that addresses these issues.

    Your workout plan should help you maintain 50% - 60% of your fitness level. It is not good to totally quick training and take 6 weeks off. It is a good idea,however, to cross-train by taking time off from training for volleyball. You can try another athletic activity that involves light impact like swimming or cycling. As a volleyball player, you likely use one arm more than the other. Address this imbalance during your workout. To start an off-season volleyball workout, try FitLink's Volleyball Workouts two to three times a week.

  • Volleyball Captain Tips

    In any sport, a team's captain is responsible for being the team's motivator and spokesperson. It is no different in volleyball. Typically, a volleyball captain is chosen based on skill level, commitment and enthusiasm. The best volleyball players are chosen to lead their team on and off the court. To be a good volleyball captain, you have to be a very vocal player. Your teammates must be able to recognize and hear your voice at every game. You also have to be good at communicating. You will be the mediator between the team and the coach. The team may want you to ask the coach for practice days off. The coach may want you to tell him who is not working their hardest during practices. You will often be called upon to lead drills. A good volleyball captain is organized - has everyone's phone numbers, knows when all practices are and where all games or tournaments are being played. You should also be highly knowledgeable about all volleyball rules. To inspire your teammates: stay positive, give constructive criticism and pay attention to their needs. Sometimes a team needs to be lifted up after a losing streak and that is the volleyball captain's job.

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