About Triathlon

  • Triathlons are a great sport to train the entire body and mind. Starting with swimming, then followed by biking and ending with running, triathlons have to plan their race strategy, set up gear and practice with it way inadvance, and train for the transitions between each segment so as to pick up time instead of waste it. It is a lot of fun to train for triathlons since you need to constantly be training for all three segments, especially if one of them doesn't come to you as easily as the other two, therefore your workouts can always be changing and you'll have a hard time getting bored. You can usually find triathlons in the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but will also be able to compete year round in warm climates like Florida. Some gyms even offer indoor triathlons for inspiraton to keep up your training during the winter.

Keep a Triathlon Log

  • Triathlons are a combination of swimming, biking and running. Races almost always take place outside, but some gyms now offer sprint distances inside to keep people inspired during cold months.

  • Triathlon Log

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