It's too hot to go to the gym workout

Basic Info

  • It's too hot to go to the gym workout

  • Under 15 minutes

  • Bodyweight

  • Conditioning

  • Abdominals, Lower body & Upper body

  • proctor


  • 9 sets 9 reps

  • 1 time by 1 person

About The Workout

  • Too hot to go outside and head to the gym? Stay inside and do this workout in the comfort of your own home. It requires no equipment, and even allows you to lay down between sets (and do crunches) and stretch your arms overhead to give your armpits a chance to air out! AHHH......

Task List

  • Squats  
  • Arm Circles  
  • Hip Adduction  
  • Push-ups  
  • Superman  
  • Lunges  
  • Hip Adduction With Squats  
  • Calf Press  
  • Oblique Crunches  

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