Three Big Weight Loss No No's

By: sequoiahealth - January 14, 2009
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Focus on Your Food

You may have wondered "where did all of those extra pounds come from"
after recently stepping on the scale. More often than not, extra pounds can
be attributed to overeating due to "unconscious or distracted food
consumption." You probably practice this unhealthy eating behavior and
don't even realize it. Distracted eating is when food is going into your
mouth but you are not consciously engaged in the eating process. Instead,
not really concentrating on your meal and are distracted by work,
television or a discussion with friends. Distracted eating not only leads
to overeating but it also affects your digestion and fat storage.
Unconscious eating is simple to correct; you just need to be aware of it.

Three Big "No-No's" You Need to Avoid

#1) Eating on the Run or in a Hurry

The best time to eat is when you are fully relaxed and not rushing. Eating
in a hurry changes your body chemistry by releasing the hormone adrenaline.
Adrenaline promotes calorie storage rather than burning for energy. Healthy
digestion is also disrupted and the chances for heart burn or other
digestive troubles are more common. Constantly eating under these
conditions promotes fat production rather than calorie burn; slowly adding
extra pounds. "Just grabbing a quick bite" leads to less satiation and more
frequent hunger from your meals. Eating on the run also discourages full
food enjoyment and promotes overeating.

#2) Eating and Working at Your Desk

This is a common unhealthy eating habit practiced by many people who think
they are doing something good by being time efficient. Unfortunately, this
unhealthy strategy is becoming more and more prevalent as people let work
take over their lives. Eating and working at the same time distracts you
from the amount and the enjoyment of the food you just ate. Again, engage
your brain in the food you are eating to maximize satiation, healthy
digestion and efficient calorie burn rather than fat storage. Putting a
stop to this type of eating will improve your food satisfaction, reduce
overeating and stop unwanted weight gain.

#3) Eating While Watching the Television

Here is a similarly unhealthy eating habit but now you are distracted by
recreational pursuits. The same distracted eating principles apply here.
Let's take the example of grazing during a football game or sitting with
the bag of potato chips in hand while watching your favorite reality show.
In both examples, you really don't have any good idea of how much food
you just consumed because your concentration is on the big game or show.

You can see how overeating would be easy in this example.

Here's How to Put a Stop to Distracted Eating

Set a specific meal time and stick to it. When you eat, find a quiet place
to sit for a few moments before your meal. You may have some relaxing music
playing in the background but no dialogue that requires your attention. If
you must eat at a Super Bowl party or other event, find a small plate and
put all the food you're going to allow yourself on it; no refills. Before
eating, visually survey your food, looking at the colors and shapes. Take a
moment to give thanks for the nice meal you are about to eat. Remove as
many distractions (no reading books or magazines) as possible before
eating. Eat slowly and really focus on the tastes and smells. When you have
finished, sit quietly for a minute or two and enjoy the feeling a good meal
offers your senses.

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