Stressed out?! Chew on This

By: annbarr - February 29, 2008
This is from my SECOND favorite site: Hungry-Girl.com... Post it on your fridge!

Stressed Out? Chew on THIS!

New research suggests that people who are stressed are more likely to gain weight. And, to make matters WORSE, that weight would apparently go straight to their bellies. Yikes! Is this NEWS stressing you out? Fear not -- studies have also shown that there are things you can consume that can actually DE-STRESS you. And here they are now...

Pistachios - These can actually help lower stress-induced blood pressure spikes (even just a handful of 'em a day!). Our favorite pistachios come from Everybody's Nuts (we have a not-so-secret crush on their mascot, Stach).

Spinach - The magnesium in our leafy veggie friend can help relieve migraines and reduce fatigue, alleviating stress and leaving you more relaxed.

Oatmeal - The carbs in oatmeal release serotonin (the chemical messenger in the brain that makes you feel good and happy). And the fiber in it can help fill you up (also a good feeling!).

Oranges - Vitamin C is a stress-buster! It can help regulate blood pressure and bring your cortisol levels back to normal (cortisol increases as a response to stress).

(from www.Hungry-Girl.com, 12.10.07)

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