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    • Im 240lbs right now down from 280lbs which was the heavyest ive been. i still have a spare tire i need to get rid of i work out really hard but i just havent been able to get back on a good diet. so i have been maintaining that wieght for a few months.

    • health ways i quite smoking in oct.

    • being really fat and lazy not wanting to get off the couch.

    • i dont know what %fat i am at but i want to cut it down to as low as i can

    • well getting to the gym. but thats not that hard. Once im there i feel great working out and i dont want to leave.

    • well I like quotes and a good one i say is " A small change everday equals a changed life"

    • when i get up the next day and i have alot of energy, feeling good about myself and want to be a healther person that day

    Fitness Details

    • Lose body fat

    • I am able to get started, and once started I give myself a decent workout.

    • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

    • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

    • I prefer friendly partners who help me work harder than I do on my own.

    • Evenings (5pm-10pm)

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