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  • Snowboarding Partners

    Find a snowboarding partner to shred with. You and your snowboarding partner can make a day trip to a mountain or snowboarding park. You could also make a weekend of it and get in extra snow time.

  • Snowboarding Coaches

    You may be off the bunny slopes, but no snowboarder is perfect. Why not bump up your skill set by consulting with a snowboarding coach. Find a snowboarding coach who offers private lessons.

  • Snowboarding Parks & Resorts

    Find a resort or park that offers snowboarding terrain. If you're an advanced snowboarder look for parks with killer pipes, rails and boxes. Some snowboarding parks even change up the terrain on a weekly basis.

Featured Snowboarding Partners

  • Snowboarding Partner 101

    Snowboarding doesn't necessitate a partner in the same way, say, scuba diving does. But it's definitely more fun to show off your sick tricks when you have a snowboarding partner watching. Plus, a snowboarding partner can hold the video camera when you want to record your most recent stunt.

    Finding a snowboarding partner is the best way to spice up your mountain time. The snowboarding partner you find should be someone with a similar level of experience. If you've got the control and speed to hit a level 8 black diamond, you don't want to be dragged down by a level 4 snowboarder. Additionally, if you like to hit hard snowboarding terrain parks, you're going to want a partner whose willing to join you on half pipes, tabletops and rails.

    In a zen way, there needs to be a level of symbiosis; you both should equally benefit from your partnership. If you don't live near the mountain you want to ride, a good snowboarding partner might even be someone with a car or someone willing to chip in for gas. Besides, face plants are funnier and less painful if there is someone to help you up!

  • Free Style Snowboarding

    If you like extreme sports such as skateboarding or mountain biking, then free style snowboarding would be a great winter sport for you. Free style snowboarding is about aerial and terrain ground tricks. Aerial free style tricks include spins, flips and grabs while ground tricks include grinding (riding on objects like rails and tables) and bonking (hitting objects hard with your snowboard).

    Free style snowboards are typcially short, light and soft; they are the most popular and easy to find style of snowboard. Maneuvering a free style snowboard has to feel effortless. Free stylers also wear softer boots to help eliminate extra weight. Free style snowboarding is so popular that many ski resorts now have terrain parks designed to accomodate the snowboarders every need. You cannot free style snowboard unless you are proficient at snowboard basics. Take a few free style lessons before you attempt any tricks or stunts.

  • Alpine Snowboarding

    Alpine snowboarding or free carving is fast and smooth. Done only on runs that are groomed, alpine snowboarding requires a lot of focus, power and strength. Unlike free style snowboards, alpine snowboards are long, narrow and stiff. Alpine snowboarders wear stiff boots like skiers to protect the ankles. There are no jumps in alpine snowboarding and it is typically done in a race format.

    Alpine snowboarders have a keen understanding of carving and use it to access speed and be in control of the board. Skills you'll need to learn include: proper shifting of your weight on the snowboard and heel or toe side turns. On a competitive level, an alpine snowboarding race will have gates or poles which the snowboarders have to navigate. If you love the feel of speeding, then sign up for some alpine snowboarding lessons today!

  • Summer Snowboarding Camp

    As an alternative to the wilderness summer camp, kids and young adults can attend summer snowboarding camp. Because of the glacial history and large winter snowfalls of many US mountain ranges, many ski and snowboarding resorts can offer winter sport activities all year long. If you are serious about snowboarding, attending a camp is a great way to hone your skills and meet new friends. Summer snowboarding camps offer lessons from professional snowboarding coaches. Snowboarding camps are also a great value because everything is included in one price; lodging, food, snowboarding lifts, coaching, and other recreational activities. Before you sign up for a snowboarding camp, check out the camp details. See what the terrain parks look like and what type of pipes they offer. Also, ask how many campers they allow. You don't want to go to a camp where you only have limited time on the slopes. Access to a coach will be extremely valuable also, so make sure you can get one on one lessons while at the camp.

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