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    Running partners can provide an unlimited source of inspiration and motivation when your energy runs low. Find the perfect running partner and you can start training together for a race or marathon.

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    You can find running coaches who specialize in the type of running you'd like to do. Find coaches who train long distance runners. Search for coaches who excel at coaching sprinters. Help and advice is only a click away.

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    You can find running tracks at local public spaces and schools. Running paths and trails are also common in public parks. If the weather is bad, take your training indoors to a gym with a track or treadmills.

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  • Running Partner Basics

    Running with a partner can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Even if you are not training for a race, finding a running partner can help you to stay on track and achieve your fitness goals. The most important quality of a good running partner is consistency. Your running partner should arrive to the spot you've chosen on time and ready to go. They should also be able to run for as long and as hard as you've discussed. Before you commit to a running partner, decide whether you are a talking runner or a quiet runner. You will want a partner who is the same. Try to find a running partner who is at the same skill level as you or working towards the same goal. It is great if you and your running partner can exchange tips and keep each other motivated. Be sure your temperment and personalities match. Also if you are bored with your same old running route, look for a running partner who is fun and creative, and can show you new exciting routes.

  • Health Benefits of Running

    Top 5 health benefits of running:

    Aerobics - Aerobic activities that are low- or high-Impact help to strengthen your bones which help prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis affects those with weak bones, especially the elderly, and can lead to a broken bone even without a major accident or fall. It is important to strengthen your bones and muscles in order to help prevent osteoporosis.

    Strength - Even though your legs do a lot of the work while running, your arms, core, and heart will benefit greatly from this activity. You will strengthen your aerobic conditioning which means your body will be able to transport oxygen and blood with greater ease, your muscles which means everything is easier to do because you will be stronger, and your bones which means breaking a bone in an accident will be less likely.

    Improved immune system-With a stronger body, you will be able to fight off the common cold better than your sedentary friends.

    Lower risk of stroke and heart attack - Running can help to lower blood pressure over time, and help arterial walls maintain their elasticity. While running, your arteries expand and contract about three times as much as they do when you are sedentary. So, you are not only getting a stronger body by running, but are also building a stronger cardiovascular system.

    Stress Management -Runners have also been shown to be able to handle stress better, which is better for your waistline, your mental health, and your heart's health. Runners also report being happier when they stick with their running routine than when they do not. Your body releases endorphins while working out which lasts for hours after your workout. You will feel better about yourself, your body will be stronger and thus operate at optimum condition, and your body will age much more slowly than if you are sedentary. All you need is a pair of running shoes and a road or trail to run on.

  • How to Focus When Running

    Running for any distance takes commitment and focus. Once you've committed to a running workout and route, you have to figure out how to best keep yourself on track. Focus is an intergral part of a runner's success. Focusing can be used to keep your mind off of fatigue, negative feelings and stress. To run with an optimal mind set, you can use several different techniques. A lot of runners talk to themselves as they run. They develop mantras that they repeat to themselves when they get tired or are losing speed. You can also use visualization techniques like imagining yourself at the finish line or imagining what your body will look like after you've lost weight running. Additionally, you can focus on your pace and breathing. Breathing is crucial. If you find your mind wandering, check in with your breathing; it's likely you've stopped breathing properly. An easy way to stay focused is to have your route meticulously planned out, so that you don't get distracted with choices. Your running distance and pace should be reasonable, so that you aren't pushing yourself to the point of injury. Keep your mind focused on the prize, but also stay aware of your surroundings. If you are running near a roadway or on a path with cyclists and other pedestrians, be alert.

  • Running Tips For Seniors

    Running is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise. It can help seniors have more energy and happier dispositions. But how should seniors go about starting a running routine? First and foremost, consult with your physician. A pshysician will be able to help you decide how often to run, how far and on what types of surfaces. Once you've seen your doctor, go shopping for running shoes. Find a running speciality store that can fit you perfectly. Find a shoe that offers great support and shock absorbency. Next see if your muscles are strong enough to run by going to a gym and doing some spotted strength training. While at the gym, you can start a low impact running workout on the treadmill. Once you've worked your way up to a healthy pace and feel balanced from your strength training, you can hit a running track or trail. It is best for seniors to run with someone else, so that if you are injured, you can get immediate assistance. Plus having a buddy will keep you motivated!

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