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    Rowing alone can be peaceful, but rowing with a partner can be fun and inspiring. Whether you are a professional or a recreational rower, training with a partner has many benefits. Find one today.

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    To improve your rowing technique, lessen your puddles and increase your power, consult a rowing coach. Rowing coaches typically train collegiate and olympic teams, but they also instruct private rowing lessons also.

  • Rowing Areas

    You can row solo, with friends or a team on most any river. However, rowing doesn't have to be done outside on a body of water. Many competitive rowing teams also train indoors on professional rowing machines.

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  • Rowing Partner 101

    Rowing with a partner takes a lot of synchronicity. It is unusual to see doubles rowing in competitive sculling races, but it is very common to see two seater sculls on the water for recreational purposes. Rowing is a great way to stay in shape. There is a misconception that rowing only works your arms and upper back. In actuality, rowing is a full-body workout. Rowing with a partner can help provide much needed motivation and support. A partner who is a better rower than you can show you new technique tips. Your rowing partner is also your own personal coaxwain. You and your partner can exchange encouraging calls that spur each other on to row harder or faster. You will also likely row farther if you have someone to encourage you not to give up when you are tired. If the weather isn't in your favor, take your rowing workout inside. You and your partner can try this preplanned Leg and Back Workout.

  • Rowing For Weight Loss

    Rowing is a full body workout. Adding some simple rowing machine exercises and rowing movements with a resistance tube to your workout can help sculpt your arms, buttocks, legs and back while increasing the numbers of calories you burn. Rowing for just 20 minutes a day can help you lose weight. Unlike other forms of aerobic activity, such as cycling or running, rowing simultaneously utilizes large muscle groups in your upper and lower body. Exercising on a rowing machine is low-impact and non-weight bearing, so you are also less likely to get injured. Because you are working both your arm muscles and leg muscles, rowing can shorten the time you spend working out. Rowing machines are also flat and easy to store. You can even search for rowing machines with fans that generate cool air as you row. If just rowing on a machine seems boring to you, try spicing things up with FitLink's preplanned Leg and Back Workout for Rowers. You can also try taking rowing or sculling lessons as a way to take your workout exercise.

  • What it Takes to Be a Coaxswain

    Though coaxswains add no physical power to the sport of rowing, they are the manipulators of the team's pulse. Typically, small and light weight athletes, the coaxswain is not expected to be in the same shape as the rower. They are expected however to lead the rowers in workouts on and off the water. This helps to establish a system of leadership, trust and respect. Many coaxswains will join in on workouts to keep themselves in shape and to also bond with the rowers. During a race, a coaxswain's job is to keep the rowers motivated, to monitor the speed of the shell as compared to the other boats, and to effectively maneuver the shell to gain leading positions. A good coaxswain is a natural leader who is confident and committed. Though they don't fuel the shells movement through the water, they do get to feel the energy and glory of winning a race just as fully as the rowers.

  • Rowing For Teambuilding

    Rowing is not just a competitive or recreational sport; it is a sport whose team building development is used on and off the water. When you are on a sculling team or are preparing for a rowing regatta, you must first learn the rower's code which emphasizes the symbiotic nature of rowing and its reliance on equal effort from all. Rowing teaches individuals to work better together. No one is the leader in rowing, and the only way to win a race and succeed is to become one as a team with systematic and equal commitment throughout. Just as in life, team's are most successful when there is a common goal. Each rower has to carry their own weight. Each shell seat is uniformly valued. Balance is crucial and good timing is essential in rowing as in life. If you have co-workers who are active and you'd like to enhance your team building skills, look for a rowing club or boathouse near you and contact a rowing coach about team lessons and training. Once you gather your rowing team together, set up a Rowing Group here at FitLink so you can schedule practices, workouts, races and keep each other motivated along the way.

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