About Rowing

  • Rowing is a great aerobic exercise for getting you in shape. It uses almost every muscle in the body, and since it is true that the more muscles you use while you're exercising, the less time it takes you to get a total body workout, you don't have to row for long to reap benefits. Your heart and lungs can get as great a benefit from rowing as from running without as much impact, and it will also build muscular strength and endurance.

    Rowing places little strain on the back. Joint and muscle problems are not common among people who row regularly. Doctors often prescribe this exercise for people with lower back and disk problems. Make sure you get your doctor's clearance before you start a rowing problem however if you have a back problem or circulatory problems.

Keep a Rowing Log

  • A competitive sport which can be done at a recreational level all the way up to an Olympic level. Athletes compete with each other in teams in a long, narrow boat on various bodies of water.

  • Rowing Log

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