Basic Info

  • 43 year old male

  • October, 2006

  • Sacramento, CA

About Me

  • I'm a no nonsense kinda guy, Yet I love to have fun and cut loose. I love a challenge and living life to it's fullest! Taking the most out of what I've got and learning new things on a daily basis. I love to take risks, guess you call me an adrenaline junkie...within reason of course;-)

  • I recently completed a Half Marathon. I know it's only 13.6miles. However, Running has always been my weekness, I did it to prove I could! I loved it. I'm hooked now!..

  • I had a really hard time getting into running coming from a back ground invloving cycling, swimming and snow sports..

  • I'd like to complete a full Marathon. Doing it with an 11minute mile or less. After that, bring out my strengths in cycling and swimming to go for a Tri..ulitmately olympic distance tris..Not really into the whole Ironman idea..

  • I'd love to take up repelling with somebody who's got some experiance! I'd also like to try cave diving. Possibly Helo-Boarding.

  • It's hard to finish a workout when your MP3 player runs outa power....;-)

  • think about being fit enough to run after my grandkids when I have them. Not really wanting to end up with heart problems or anyother health problem as I age.. I heard a great saying, the other day on the radio. "You can be healthy looking on the outside, but if your not healthy on the inside it doesn't matter"

  • A bodyrockin experiance. Something that your proud to accomplish, but willing to do time and time again! Results aren't over night. They're over time, apperant in social and personal experiances;-)

Fitness Details

  • Maintain current fitness

  • I am consistent and able to workout intensely.

  • I am experienced, knowledgeable and fairly skilled.

  • I am experienced, knowledgeable and fairly skilled.

  • I like to workout with friends, but still want to get a good workout.

  • Evenings (5pm-10pm)

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