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    Clean Eating - Way of Life, Not A Trend

    By: proctor - June 13, 2013

    Clean Eating has resurfaced as a popular way to cater those who want to eat more nutritious foods without being on a "diet" or buying pills. It is simple and accessible for everyone, no matter where you live. With just a little bit of information, you can...



    Tips For Choosing The Right Exercise Equipment

    By: proctor - February 24, 2012

    Harvard Medical School recently published a great article in their newsletter called HealthBeat about what to look for when buying exercise equipment, covering everything from simple exercise bands to treadmills. Read it here:

    Tips For Choosing The...



    Building Confidence Through Martial Arts

    By: proctor - February 9, 2012

    I do not know much about martial arts except that I want to learn more one day. Why wait? I decided to start doing research because I have no idea where to begin. I don't know what class to take, where to take it, what to look for in an instructor (as...



    Warm Up To Perform At Your Best

    By: proctor - July 12, 2011

    Warming up your muscles before you do any mild to intense physical activity will not only help you practice or perform better but will also prevent injury as well as make the actual exercise more comfortable, therefore more enjoyable. I have been telling...



    10 Things Parents Can Do To Help Prevent Eating Disorders

    By: proctor - August 21, 2009

    This article, written by Michael Levine, PhD, clearly defines what parents can do to help prevent eating disorders from affecting their children or grandchildren. Read below for ten things you can do to help.

    1. Consider your thoughts, attitudes, and...

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