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    Building Up Bone Strength At Any Age

    By: proctor - August 15, 2013

    Did you know that it is never too late to build up the strength and density of your bones? Even just by walking, you can build stronger bones. Simply put, the impact of your heel striking the ground as you walk sends a signal to your body to create more...



    5 Exercises to Prevent Neck Aches

    By: proctor - May 31, 2013

    Ever had a pain in the neck? Chances are, if you are human, that the answer is Yes! Fortunately, this is a very preventable problem. Our necks hold the weight of our skull which is on average about 8 pounds in adults. Our necks are capable of a lot of...



    5 Ways To Use Less Salt

    By: proctor - December 11, 2012

    Harvard Medical School recently published an easy-to-read newsletter with information about how to reduce the salt in your diet. While salt is important, it is also easy to over-do it and get too much in your diet, which can increase health problems. Read...



    Warm Up To Perform At Your Best

    By: proctor - July 12, 2011

    Warming up your muscles before you do any mild to intense physical activity will not only help you practice or perform better but will also prevent injury as well as make the actual exercise more comfortable, therefore more enjoyable. I have been telling...



    Could a helmet have saved Natasha Richardson's life?

    By: proctor - March 19, 2009

    The death of Natasha Richardson, a 45-year-old woman who died this week after falling and hitting her head during a beginner skiing lesson, has sparked a lot of questions in the athletic world. Quebec is even considering making wearing helmets mandatory....

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    Cold Weather Nutrition

    By: proctor - January 18, 2008

    Today on PowerBar's website in the Nutrition Resources section, I read some useful, easy-to-understand information about keeping fueled up in the winter months for peak performance. For example: "...a day on the slopes for skiers has been shown to reduce...



    Save your own life

    By: proctor - July 26, 2006

    There are so many easy ways to save your own life. Wearing a helmet is one of them. Every day actions can be devastating if the correct precautions are not taken. Safety is often so easy, but for some reason, people just don't think "that could happen to...


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