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  • Racquetball Courts

    Gyms and health clubs often offer racquetball and squash courts for games and practice. Because most gyms will have a limited number of courts you may be required to reserve court time, so call ahead.

  • Racquet Clubs

    Racquet clubs are typically more expensive than gyms or health clubs, but have more courts available. Find an exclusive club that offers racquetball along with a gym center and spa. You can also join a club league

  • Racquetball Shops

    Visit a racquet pro shop or a sporting goods store to get equipped for your first day on the court. You won't need too much equipment, but should be prepared in case the court you use does not offer racquets or balls.

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  • Racquetball Court Etiquette

    Racquetball games can be recreational or competitive. No matter what your commitment to the sport is, you should follow these safety and etiquette rules when playing a game on a racquetball court. First, always knock before entering a court. Before starting a game, be sure to be fully hydrated and warmed up. You must check your own equipment and always wear safety glasses. It is nice to congratulate your opponent after a good round. Always watch out for hinders or stoppages in play. Keep your eye on the ball at all times and watch the safety lines. Be sure to maintain a safe amount of distance away from your opponent, so they have swing room. Because racquetball is played in a confined space, at high speeds, it is important that you and your opponent abide by the rules to avoid injury and foul play.

  • Racquetball Rules

    There are different rules for racquetball depending on whether the game is 'single plays' (between two players), 'double plays' (between two teams of two) or 'cut throat' (between three players). You will want to be sure both you and your opponent are clear on the rules for whatever type of game you are playing. Here are three basic rules: only the server can score points, the ball can only bounce once, and the ball must return to the front wall after being hit. A racquetball game is played in a four or three wall court. A game is won when one side scores 21 points. A match is won by the best two out of three games.

  • Racquetball Court: Serving Practice

    When you are the server in a racquetball game, you have the advantage. With a good serve, you want to generate a weak return or a great defensive return. The optimal goal of a serve is an ace, or a serve untouched by the receiver. You'll want to be sure you are holding the racquet correctly, that your legs are bent and your shoulders are squared. To improve your serve, you will have to perfect your swing with constant practice. Look for racquetball lessons at your local court or gym.

  • Racquetball Clothing

    Though there is a lot of racquetball specialty clothing out there, the most important thing about racquetball clothing is that it is comfortable and not restrictive. Most players wear shorts or skirts and t-shirts or tank tops. It is an extremely active game and can raise your temperature pretty quickly. You'll want to make sure the sneakers you choose to wear have decent grip so that you are not sliding around on the court. The most important accessory to wear while on a racquetball court is a pair of protective glasses. If you play often enough, you may want to buy some gloves to help with your grip and prevent calluses (unless that is a sign of your commitment to the game!).

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