About Racquetball

  • To play a game of racquetball you only need a few things to get started. Most racquetball equipment and accessories can be purchased separately. Or, you can purchase a starter kit for about $30 from a club proshop or sporting goods retail store. You will need:
    • Racquet (Cost anywhere from $20-$200, depends on budget, and willingness to pay for feel and technology.)
    • Eyewear (Recommended and important, helps reduce the risk of injury if you are hit in the eye.)
    • Ball (Balls come in different colors such as blue, green, lavender and black. Any color will do.)
    • Glove. (Optional, this will help you keep a firm grip on the racquet during those fast rallies.)
    • Shoes (Any type of indoor court or tennis shoe, there are shoes designed specifically for racquetball.)

Keep a Racquetball Log

  • Racquetball is a sport played usually in an indoor court with a racquet and a hollow rubber ball. It was invented in 1948 incorporating the rules of squash and handball.

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