Put On Your Skates And Get In Shape!

By: sybil - February 21, 2009
Recently, I was inspired by an article in The New York Times Magazine about the rise in popularity of roller derbies. Surprisingly, women make up majority of the players. Moms, teachers, artists and executives are taking to the rink or gymnasium to skate the lead out and release a little aggression, always with a bit of fashion and flare.
Skating whether roller, inline or ice, is a fantastic way to get in shape and get some fresh air. The USA Roller Sports Association (www.usarollersports.org) suggests that a person weighing 143 lbs can burn up to 330 calories skating moderately for an hour. It’s easy enough to find parks with long winding paths to circle around. There is a “skating circle” located in Central Park, New York City. “Skater’s Road” is located at the foot of Olmsted Way at 72nd Street. The Central Park Dance Skaters Association hosts the circle events , weather permitting, which are always festive with a live DJ and lots of spectators.

For added fun, you can slip on some daisy dukes ala Jessica Simpson’s music video! You could also join a roller derby league (take a look at www.gothamgirlsrollerderby.com). But if all of that pushing and tumbling is not up your alley, why not become a member of a skating rink? I know a 76 year old full-time practicing lawyer who belongs to Wollman Rink in Central Park, New York City and skates all winter long to his extremely healthy body’s content.
If skating is going to be part of your new workout routine, be sure to have your skates properly fitted. Also, consider purchasing a helmet and knee or elbow pads for added protection.

It is important to have strong legs, hips, and core to make the most of your skating time. Try these Fitlink exercises below to get your body ready for its first day out on your new four wheels. They are done with bodyweight, but you can add resistance for extra challenge.

Lateral Lunges with Spiral

Lateral Lunges

Step Ups

One Arm Superman

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Melissa has been a professional dancer in NYC for 10 years and holds a BA in Creative Writing from CUNY Hunter College.

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