Basic Info

  • 34 year old male

  • November, 2009

  • Clair-Mel City, FL

About Me

  • My name is Michael and I've been into being fit for about 6 years now. I've had the goal of getting below 10% body fat ever since I could remember. I've never been able to achieve that goal no matter how hard I tried. So I've come here to get motivation and support because I know I can't eat healthy for long periods of time alone.

  • I ran a half marathon without any prior training. I started what was supposed to be a 6k. I made the wrong turn somewhere along the line and ended up running 13 miles. WOW.

  • I've never been able to achieve a body fat percentage of less than 10%. And that is VERY frustrating.

  • To get under 10% body fat.

  • Swimming, running, weights, cross-training. Anything that will help me reach my goal.

  • Motivation.

  • That's why I'm here.

  • If I'm exhausted at the end.

Fitness Details

  • Lose body fat

  • I have spurts of consistent exercise, but then go through periods of inactivity.

  • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

  • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

  • I prefer friendly partners who help me work harder than I do on my own.

  • Evenings (5pm-10pm)

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