Workout Partners in Nashville, TN

  • matmonroe

    39 year old male

    Increase strength

    31 y.o. french guy who lost 55 lbs last year and looking to gain muscle.

  • NDalton

    35 year old male

    Increase strength

    my name is Nick, i would consider myself to be in good shape but i am looking to gain some muscle and strength. I have been on and off for the last year. I just cant seem to find the motivation to get serious again about going to the gym. Which is why...

  • missyfogleman

    35 year old female

    Lose body fat

    Hi, my name is Missy. I just recently moved to Nashville and am looking to lose weight and get into shape. I would love to find a workout partner to help keep me motivated!!!! I like to hike, run, yoga, tennis, anything active really.

  • tjhart

    49 year old male

    Lose body fat

    37, Married white male. Professional. Fairly amiable and affable. Becoming more and more a baseball fan each year I follow the sport - and less and less a football fan.

  • newbedford1

    59 year old male

    Improve cardiovascular strength

    Long time cyclist. Love to get out alone and in small groups when schedule allows. Usually ride at 17 - 19 mph pace for anywhere from 12 -50 miles. I ride for the pure enjoyment and to stay in good shape.

    Looking for some experienced cyclists in the...

  • kingfish516

    32 year old male

    I'm easy going,enjoy most anything and am very involved in my job and working out

  • jcfoglia86

    33 years old

    Lose body fat

    Hi, my name is Jasmine. Ive always had an issue with weight, never been where I should be. But after I had a baby last year I not only want to lose weight but I want to get healthy. I don't have a lot of free time but I do want to find a partner that will...

  • Frenchie

    51 year old male

    Gain muscle

    I am a 38 years old man who suffered a heart attck last year because of years of poor diet and no exercise. Since then, I am back in shape and want to increase my workouts from simple cardio to muscle gain.

  • NaturalGirl

    31 years old

    Improve overall health

    I LOVE inspiring, encouraging, and motivating others! Be true to yourself and strive for progress not perfection. Each day is an opportunity to get a little better, a little stronger, a little fitter, and a little happier!

  • jzendz

    71 year old female

    Lose body fat

    I just turned 59. I am active and like to ride my bike, walk. I hope to get going again so that I can have fun in short races.

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