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  • RedinLA

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  • gweneth

    59 year old female

    Tone body

    I am motivated and just want to find people to exercise with. The time passes faster and it is good to inspire each other. I can learn other ideas and vary my routine and so can others go where I have to work hard and feel great after. I like to workout...

  • Aztlan

    61 year old male

    Improve performance

    Work with various aspects of a successful cross-country and track programs, involved in the recruiting process of prospective student athletes, placing phone calls, speaking with high school coaches, athletes and parents, attending high school meets,...

  • manipool


    Lose body fat

    I like to exercise, particularly weight training and cardio, I try to eat clean. I don't smoke. My interests are dancing, writing, reading, and watching TV, among other things. I also like trivia and telling detailed stories, so you'd better be a great...

  • VaquerosUnited

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  • workoutbuddy

    41 year old female

    Lose body fat

    Mother of three. I had a baby 18 months ago and need to seriously drop some lbs. I used to work out with a friend which I found very effective but since her move, I haven't found anybody else that is serious about teaming up with me. I excercise alone but...

  • oliviamk

    32 year old female

    Improve overall health

    Lets see where do I start...I am a 27 y/o mother of three who loves to be active. Working out is something I cannot live without and the only way I know that is becasuse when I dont do it I feel AWFUL. Everything gets thrown off center if I am not...

  • Blackiren


    Lose body fat

    Hey all, just working as much as I can and doing post-grad work at a community college preparing to apply to graduate school, I sometimes work 15-16 hour days, so for me time can be a serious issue sadly. However, I have decided that enough is enough, and...

  • meenerjingles

    35 years old

    Lose body fat

    I have gained about 80 lbs in the last two years, through a combination of stress, overwork (70 hour weeks), and declining exercise and healthy habits. Just moved to LA recently, would like to turn things back around.


    59 year old female

    Improve overall health

    I was an avid jogger up to 5 years ago and i am not sure why I stopped( residency,fellowship) .I want to go back into it because I miss the mind,spirit ,body well being experience when you come back from a 45 mn jogg.I think it will be more fun to do...

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