Running Partners in Los Angeles, CA

  • RedinLA

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  • gweneth

    62 year old female

    Tone body

    I am motivated and just want to find people to exercise with. The time passes faster and it is good to inspire each other. I can learn other ideas and vary my routine and so can others go where I have to work hard and feel great after. I like to workout...

  • Aztlan

    64 year old male

    Improve performance

    Work with various aspects of a successful cross-country and track programs, involved in the recruiting process of prospective student athletes, placing phone calls, speaking with high school coaches, athletes and parents, attending high school meets,...

  • manipool


    Lose body fat

    I like to exercise, particularly weight training and cardio, I try to eat clean. I don't smoke. My interests are dancing, writing, reading, and watching TV, among other things. I also like trivia and telling detailed stories, so you'd better be a great...

  • VaquerosUnited

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  • workoutbuddy

    44 year old female

    Lose body fat

    Mother of three. I had a baby 18 months ago and need to seriously drop some lbs. I used to work out with a friend which I found very effective but since her move, I haven't found anybody else that is serious about teaming up with me. I excercise alone but...

  • oliviamk

    34 year old female

    Improve overall health

    Lets see where do I start...I am a 27 y/o mother of three who loves to be active. Working out is something I cannot live without and the only way I know that is becasuse when I dont do it I feel AWFUL. Everything gets thrown off center if I am not...

  • Blackiren


    Lose body fat

    Hey all, in my second year of graduate school, I sometimes work 15-16 hour days, so for me time can be a serious issue sadly. However, I have decided that enough is enough, and really what I have always wanted is to be mostly muscle, rock hard stomach and...

  • beatlebailey

    51 years old

    Tone body

    I am totally into healthy, mind, body, soul. I have designed my own eating format, which has helped me to shed over 50lbs, and 10 sizes. That said I am now anxious to do the hard work of toning--hard body. This will a lot of dedication and effort that I...


    61 year old female

    Improve overall health

    I was an avid jogger up to 5 years ago and i am not sure why I stopped( residency,fellowship) .I want to go back into it because I miss the mind,spirit ,body well being experience when you come back from a 45 mn jogg.I think it will be more fun to do...

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