Personal Trainers in Long Beach, CA

  • Elite_Physiques

    42 year old male

    Improve performance

    13 year veteran of personal and group training. Although I have learned along the way and changed some philosophies for the better, the over goal for 13 years has been to get clients the results they are looking for. I HAVE FINALLY CRACKED THAT CODE!!

  • How2Envy

    36 year old male

    Maintain current fitness

    Let's see. I am a fast talking, joke spewing military vet who got into the fitness industry by accident. I am an actor who found success with Muscletech and did national spots for them. I love genuine people I love to laugh and have fun. When it comes to...

  • noxcuzfitness

    49 year old female

    Lose body fat


    45 year old male

    Improve overall health

    Hello! I am a friendly, energetic, motivating CPT who has 10 yrs experience! I enjoy what I do and I am considered a great mentor!

    I can assist you in any training goal from muscle development, weight loss, core strengthening, tone up and cardio/high...

  • ABSClubLA

    61 year old male

    Improve overall health

    We know you have probably been disappointed before. Almost every diet, weight loss program, and personal trainer says they will...

  • CoachYari

    37 year old female

    Yarixa Ferrao, A.K.A, Coach Yari (Ya-di) MTV’s “I used to be Fat” featured favorite trainer is a 11 year experienced Certified Personal Trainer (NASM, CPR/AED). Yari brings a level of commitment, enthusiasm, and motivation to physical fitness and...

  • boflexx

    43 year old male

    Lose body fat

    I have always had a job that is fitness related. I am kind of a fitness nerd without the pocket protector.

  • cmorgan

    35 year old female

    Tone body

    Health & fitness writer and fanatic, personal trainer, recreational gymnast. I love to play - whether it be swimming, volleyball, in-line skating, or tumbling.

  • MaryCat

    34 year old female

    Improve overall health

    If you want to talk about it, you have to "be about it" and I am. As a Certified Fitness Trainer (person & group) I live a healthy lifestyle, all the way down to healthy eating and working out 6 days a week - and I don't just go through the motions but I...

  • PerzowTraining

    40 year old male

    Improve overall health

    Perzow Training offers the most comprehensive solutions in strength, conditioning and personal training. Whether you aspire to be an elite athlete or are simply looking to improve your level of fitness and eliminate aches and pains, the Perzow Training...

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