Running Partners in Fort Worth, TX

  • TexasFire

    46 year old female

    Gain muscle

  • Bad_Hombre

    44 years old

    Improve performance

    In 2007 I was 328 pounds and my cholestrol was dangerously elevated. My doctor bluntly told me to expect a heart attack by age 50 if I didn't change my bad habits. My brother in law pursuaded me to train for a triathlon. I began training in July of 20...

  • moises

    55 year old male

    Improve overall health

    I am 48 years of age and overweight. I have high blood pressure but I am trying to bring it down through walking and stationary biking. I do one hour per day six days a week. I also enjoy woodcraft and reading.

  • jordanlwick

    25 year old female

    Increase strength

    It's a lifestyle, not a hobby.

  • danica8280

    25 year old female

    Tone body

  • xcoder

    38 year old male

    Increase strength

    I am 33 and have been going to the gym for about a year now. Still trying to get my diet in sync, but overall so far so good. I work out 5 days a week and sometimes run a few miles on the weekend.

  • TunedIn

    48 year old female

    Increase strength

  • TeamTaylor

    46 year old male

    Maintain current fitness

  • jcorona

    30 years old

    Lose body fat

    I recently started working out again......after gaining nearly 80lbs!! Ive quit smoking and put away bad habits. Its time to get on the train to fitness!

  • drwriting

    38 year old male

    Improve overall health

    When I switched to an office job the benfits package included an extra 55 pounds. I have a stressful job and I found myself overeating to compensate. I also work with foster and adopted children and that can be a roller coaster of emotions. This year I've...

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