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  • efitnessforlife

    44 year old male

    Maintain current fitness

    As founder of eFitness for Life it is my desire to reach and help as many people as possible, all over the world, create a look and feel that they can be happy with. I have come to learn, that while our overall health SHOULD be our motivation, more often...

  • lolivierii

    36 year old male

    Gain muscle

    Fitness and inspiring others are my passion! The only service I want to provide is the BEST possible!


    39 year old male

    Improve overall health

    Certified Personal Trainer looking for serious clients. Let me guide you to your maximum potential. Try a free training session today.

    I'm a 27 year old Professional from
    Deerfield Beach, Florida

  • JustinWells

    29 year old male

    Improve overall health

    I'm a 26 year old Army Veteran. Certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. I am on the road with my new job and just looking for somebody to workout with and make a new friend, regardless of their fitness level!

  • Jazzercise1

    54 year old female

    I've been a certified Jazzercise instructor since 1993 and own the Jazzercise of Fort Lauderdale Fitness Center at 412 East Oakland Park Blvd.

  • Flexi-BarUSA

    51 year old female

  • alexluft16

    32 year old male

    Maintain current fitness

  • couponreen23

    53 year old female

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