Cycling Partners in Denver, CO

  • swords

    45 year old female

    Improve overall health

    Started 2008 at 188 and unable to climb a flight of stairs without being winded. As of February 24, 2008, I've lost 17 pounds and can now climb a flight of stairs with relative ease. I still have a long way to go.

  • SusanNewInDenver

    59 year old female

    Lose body fat

    I am a Certified Health Education Specialist working in the employee wellness arena. I have served a great deal of individuals and taken them through Smoking Cessation, Fitness, Diabetes Awareness, Healthy Heart and Stress Management programs., I have...

  • Randy_D_Ogden

    65 year old male

    Improve overall health

    I have been around for a long time. After my last divorce and the death of my Mother I just gave up on fitness. At that time I was 190lbs. My weight climbed to 316 and it is time to do something about that.

  • m824330

    25 year old female

    Lose body fat

    welcome to my page.Im from colorado and i grew up in a big town,my dreams are becoming big,im a senior at northglenn high school

  • aevaldez

    55 year old female

    Lose body fat

    New in the area and want to make some friends who would like to work out and hang out.

  • stewartlittttle

    33 years old

    Improve performance

    I just commissioned in the USAF, but I'm waiting around as an inactive reservist before I go active sometime after October...

  • PitBullLover

    61 year old female

    Lose body fat

    I am 50 years old. I used to run 5 miles a day 5 days per week. Now I can barley run at all. I also used to work out 3 hrs. a day, 6 days per wk. Now I may work out 1 day a wk for about an 1.5 hours, that includes weight lifting.

  • IndigoWisteria

    30 year old female

    Improve overall health

    I'm a student in Denver who's interested in becoming more fit. I have a small frame and don't gain muscle definition easily (though I am a lot stronger than I look). I am very flexible and stretch and do yoga every day to maintain and improve upon that...

  • mrsRKS

    36 year old female

    Improve overall health

    I'm just looking for a workout buddy *female* of course!
    I recently quit smoking and I want to take better care of myself!
    I am trying to get into running cuz it's free, and that's good for now. So I'd love someone to join me! I've been doing some P90X...

  • boulder_29

    49 years old

    Improve performance

    Looking for anywhere from beginner to advanced female training partner for moderate endurance bike rides in the Boulder/Denver/JeffCo area this summer/fall and possibly doing an organized road ride/race or mountain ride/race at high elevations as we get...

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