Running Partners in Alexandria, VA

  • Melanie007

    37 year old female

    Tone body

    I am an active 25yr old who enjoys working out! I like to try new workouts because I usually get bored after a few months of doing the same thing. I tend to work out alone because I can't find someone who is as motivated as I am, and I'm hoping this site...

  • cooler43

    53 year old female

    Lose body fat

    to stand on the scale and lose a pound or more.

  • TRIality

    TRIality has requested their profile be viewed by logged-in members only.

  • JennieM

    40 year old female

    Tone body

    HI my name is Jennie. I am looking to start training for a 5K race, or races. I am one of those sporadic fitness types.

  • hydrocy

    59 year old female

    Improve overall health

    Just a 47 year old woman that needs help running during the week. I run about three miles per workout. I like to run at least 50 minutes. I am just starting out and run pretty slow but I am willing to work.

  • krupkake

    45 year old female

    Improve overall health

    I'm a teacher so I occasionally have the afternoon, but all my long workouts are on the weekends or days off! I'm looking for intense yet FUN workout buddies.

  • And1Guru

    33 year old male

    Lose body fat

    Well lets start off with I am trying to get back in shape, also want to stay motivated. I love to play basketball, lift weights, and occasionally swim and use treadmills.

  • bluebirdinmyheart

    35 year old male

    Looking for a running partner

  • Brooke67

    51 years old

    Improve overall health

  • sbeatty

    38 year old female

    Improve overall health

    I am a recently married graduate student, who enjoys being active but am finding it harder and harder to have time to do all the activities I would like to do. I am currently training for a marathon, but when that is done I would like to try a triathalon...

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