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  • neveuhandtohand

    35 year old female

    Improve performance

    I am a certified personal trainer. NASM, AFFA, and Crossfit Certified. I travel to the bronx and many areas of Manhattan to train. I am also a Martial Arts Instructor. I teach self defense classes and Karate Classes. I have been training since 1990. I...

  • hijumper

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  • Elite_Physiques

    41 year old male

    Improve performance

    13 year veteran of personal and group training. Although I have learned along the way and changed some philosophies for the better, the over goal for 13 years has been to get clients the results they are looking for. I HAVE FINALLY CRACKED THAT CODE!!

  • fitbull

    37 year old male

    Improve performance

  • evolutions

    50 year old male

    Tone body


  • TheFavorite


    Improve overall health

    Born and raised in San Jose; a former Aerobics Instructor, NASM Personal Trainer with a certificate in Nutrition from APEX Fitness. I have spent years in the gym, former jogger/runner. Rather than pound my joints I started swimming a little over a year...

  • rdy4change

    48 year old female

    Lose body fat

    I am 40 years "young", have worked in nursing for 20 years and received my Certification for Personal Training and Wellness Coaching last year (2010). I started this site in 2008 and have since lost 50+ lbs. Not at my goal weight but I already feel like a...

  • Tobias_Neal

    41 year old male

    Gain muscle

    I was about 50 pounds overweight and then found CrossFit and the Zone. Now, I am 6'2, 217, and an avid CrossFitter and Bodybuilder(Natural of Course)

  • laurjoy

    35 year old female

    Tone body

    I am a 25 year old head volleyball coach at a college in Chicago. I love working out (lifting, jump training, agility, cardio, biking) and would love to find someone to work out with. I belong to XSport and can go to any one, but I usually go to the one...

  • ERFitnessNow

    37 year old female

    Maintain current fitness

    Elizabeth Raymond- Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach & Founder of ER Fitness

    Nationally Certified Personal Trainer by the NSCA (National Sports and Conditioning Association) and graduate of American Academy of Personal Training in Boston. Business...

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