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  • bofrancy

    35 year old male

    Improve cardiovascular strength

    Born and raised in central New Jersey where I resided for most of my life with 3 younger brothers is where my competitive spirit began. As a child, I was involved in every sport that my parents made available to me, from football, baseball, wrestling and...

  • DaveDePew

    44 year old male

    Maintain current fitness

  • missblasko

    33 year old female

    Tone body

  • klopez69

    49 year old female

    Lose body fat

    I graduated from the University of Arizona, have worked as a trainer for over ten years. I work or have worked with people from the age of 8 years to 88 years old. Of course every person is different so I worked on sport specific training, weight loss,...

  • fitsource

    37 year old female

    I am a personal trainer at The Fitness Source in Las Vegas! I specialize in running programs as well as personal training for all levels!
    I believe in working hard and having fun to get ultimate results!

    My studio is located in Summerlin and is all...

  • kerridavis

    40 year old female

    Improve overall health

  • eliteshark

    36 year old male

    Lose body fat

    Certified Personal Trainer / Strength Coach
    New Training Program design for weight loss , fat burn , muscle building. New program is design from CCS training.

  • Coach_Aaron

    33 year old male

    Lose body fat

    My name is Aaron and I am a certified personal trainer. I have been a personal trainer for about 3 years specializing in athletic performance. I have my own sports performance company call A&B Performance. I also play basketball. I coach an AAU basketball...

  • boflexx

    42 year old male

    Lose body fat

    I have always had a job that is fitness related. I am kind of a fitness nerd without the pocket protector.

  • PassBooks

    67 year old male

    Improve overall health

    Specialist in diet, fitness, and exercise. Ivy educated in Developmental Psychology. Professor, Lecturer, and Psychotherapist, addressing the emotional component of diet, self-image, and exercise. Would be delighted to hear from others in respect to...

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