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  • andypulga

    50 years old

    Maintain current fitness

  • TFowlerTX

    51 years old

    Lose body fat

    I am eager to reach my fitness goals this year. I have a great life, but it is a busy one so it is easy for me to put off exercising. December 1st I was at my all time highest weight and realized I needed a change. Now I just need some motivation.

  • kgrinholz

    36 year old female

    Lose body fat

    I've been working out on and off for a long time. I find it hard to stick with it long term if I workout by myself. I'm looking for a partner that will push me and I push them in return - someone who is committed and is looking to get results. Let's do...

  • julial_collins

    25 year old female

    Hi there!
    I am a recent graduate of Eckerd College, and I am looking for a workout buddy who lives in the St. Pete area who would like to consistently work out with me 3-5 times a week. I work 11- 6, so I would love to find someone who would like to go...

  • jcborro

    43 year old male

    Improve overall health

    This is my sixth season in SLC (I count in ski seasons, of course) and I'm always looking for touring partners in the winter, and mountain biking partners in the summer. I'm an aggressive skier and an average mountain biker.

    I have a season pass at...

  • brit41

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  • bbjohnson2

    52 year old female

    Tone body

    Busy mom of 2 never enough sleep or exercise. My metabolism has taken a screetching halt. Hopefully toning up will help the weight will hopefully come off. I really enjoy weight lifting, cardio is a real bore to me, but I know it's necessary to drop...

  • trish6060

    58 year old female

    Lose body fat

    I would like to find some friends to walk with.

  • machie

    76 year old male

    Improve overall health

  • radumanolescu

    52 year old male

    Tone body

    Software engineer.

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