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  • paul_cancelliere

    60 year old male

    Maintain current fitness

    family guy

  • TMB2007

    47 year old male

    Improve overall health

    I am 40 y/o and need a exercise partner for Anytime Fitness in Largo/Seminole area. Having a partner places the extra motivation for days that I might otherwise miss because I would feel guilty not being there to keep my partner motivated. It has been 2...

  • Alanwhit

    59 year old male

    Improve performance

    I am 48, considered pretty fit for my age. I enjoys lots of different outdoor activities but I really focus on my bicycle racing, I do road racing, cycle cross and new this year, mountain biking. I am a scuba diving instructor and a small business owner...

  • whitdaw

    58 year old female

    Improve overall health

    I am a 47 year old who was blessed with good genes so I look young for my age, but over the last 10 years I have gradually put on about 15 extra pound and since I am 5'3 and on the petite side, 15 pounds really shows. I am working toward several personal...

  • xcashx

    34 year old male

    Lose body fat

    I am just a guy who needs to lose weight to get into the navy and can use all the help I can get.

  • SoloRunner

    29 year old male

    Lose body fat

    I recently decided to get in shape but this time i'm going the distance. I won't let anything stop me and i'm always pushing myself. I just moved to Mississippi and in addition to not knowing anyone at all, I don't have a workout partner. I run everyday...

  • TRIality

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  • mystidancer

    39 years old

    Increase strength

    my name is mysti, i love outdoor activity. i'm 5'2" and wanna stay in shape thru out my life. so, i kinda got by in my 20's with fair diet and a fantastic fitness level out the starting gate but 30 is less then a year away and my body is saying you better...

  • dsadkins

    56 year old male

    Improve overall health

    I'm 47 yrs old at 5'10" and 177 lbs.
    I like to gauge myself constantly which is sometimes a bad thing. I like to push my bounds and always look for ways to make it interesting. I love fartleks (a lot of people haven't heard of these ;-)), and I dislike...

  • hira53o

    28 year old female

    Lose body fat

    Hello everyone! My name is Rajdeep but I got by Raj, I'm 18 and reside in Yuba City CA. I'm looking for a workout partner because I would love an extra hand to push me harder and I would love to help push my workout buddy aswell! I always have a great...

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