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  • 67 year old female

  • February, 2009

  • Norcross, GA

About Me

  • I started seriously workout again about 15 years ago. Back then I could run so jogged, ran and walked for exercise. I didn't do much weight training back then and finally my muscle loss caught up with me. In 2003 I made a commitment to get fit and lose weight after hitting an all time high at that time of 192 lbs. I lost 50 lbs. by May 2004 and kept it off for about 1 1/2 years. Slowly, due to some health issues, I gained some of it back. Now I'm back on the fitness wagon and making good progress.

  • I lost 50 lbs in 2004 and was in the best shape of my life as far as fitness level goes.

  • Gained some of the weight back until last year when I begain getting back in shape. I had thyroid cancer and surgery to remove along with some other health issues but doing better now.

  • I'm getting ready for a trip to Inida and want to continue working out while I'm gone. Before the trip I want to lose another 8 far down 1 lb.

  • I use to roller skate and would really like to learn inline skating.

  • Consistency and finding time to workout. I have a couple of health issues that tend to make me extremely tired. I'm also in college again at my old age (LOL) so I'm not getting the sleep I really need most of the time. Right now I really need to find a workout buddy. Someone for whom I will be accountable and vice versa.

  • Track my progress and share the information with some close friends.

  • One that leaves me sweating and that good kind of worn out feeling. It's the sign I've given my all.

Fitness Details

  • Improve performance

  • I have trouble getting started, but once started I give myself a decent workout.

  • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

  • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

  • I prefer friendly partners who help me work harder than I do on my own.

  • Early mornings (before 8am)

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