Hunter Mountain

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  • PO Box 295
    Hunter, NY 12442

  • (800) 486-8376

  • About The Location

    • Hunter Mountain isn't just the Catskills' premier winter destination.... it's become one of the Catskill's best four-season resorts. Close to the heart of all that made the Catskills America's first vacation destination, Hunter is located in the beautiful mountaintop region of the Northern Catskills, unmatched for their beauty. Miles of state hiking trails lead to breathtaking views of the Hudson Valley and the surrounding peaks. The highest firetower in the state is a moderate hike from the summit of the Skyride. Waterfalls abound, including the highest multi-cascade waterfall in the state. The area terrain is ideal for mountain biking, and many state-maintained trails are open for biking.

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