Lucille Roberts - New Jersey - Hamilton

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  • 2465 South Broad Street
    Hamilton Township, NJ 08610

  • 609-888-5600

  • About The Location

    • It's possible that you will enjoy yourself so much in our fun-filled women's fitness environment that you may forget that what brought you to Lucille Roberts was an interest in women's weight loss and good health. When you come to Lucille Roberts we provide a comfortable atmosphere. Here you can enjoy our variety of popular social events, get the latest women's fitness tips and also get answers to your health, fitness and weight loss questions. Lucille Roberts offers: * Pre-scheduled group classes for women's fitness for rapid healthy weight loss and body conditioning
      * All locations filled with comprehensive, state-of-the-art cardio and fitness equipment
      * Your choice of hundreds of workouts and exercise classes
      * Understanding and friendly teams of dedicated and highly-trained personal trainers, instructors and support staff always there for you
      * One flat fee for everything at an extremely affordable price to fit your budget

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