Lift human beings?

By: cecharlier - January 21, 2009
This is so interesting...

To read this story from the London News, just click and read. The title is:

Weird News: Demotivated City workers can pump human beings as an alternative to lifting dumbbells at the gym

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A GYM for demotivated City workers has come up with an alternative to pumping iron – human dumbbells.

The human weights, which enable users to flex and curl by ‘pumping’ human beings, are being introduced to motivate gym-goers by allowing them to visualise what they are lifting.

Unlike regular dumbbells, the human weights have an optional ‘motivation feature’ where each human weight will shout words of encouragement to ensure muscles are worked to the max, at the gym goer’s request.

The humans will be available in a range of weights, with a 25-stone (155kg) ‘Super human’ option available for those willing to take up the challenge.

The weights are Dainty Diva who is Arti Shah, 32, from Middlesex at 30kg, Micro Male is Mike Edwards, 64, from Middlesex at 55kg, Main Man is Ben Bidmead, 23, London, at 65kg, Fine Female is Tracey Caswell, 42, from Teddington at 75kg, Well ‘Ard Woman is Jo Rollin, 49, from Reading at 85kg and ‘Super Human’ is Matt Barnard, 37, from London at 155kg.

Members of the gym simply need to select their preferred human weight and then they will position themselves on a machine that has been specially constructed for the purpose.

The apparatus has been built to provide a human weight work-out for the entire body but specifically muscle groups in the arms, shoulders and back.

The aim is to aid visualisation which experts in sports psychology say is a significant factor in improving performance - and human weights are as visual as it can get. Gymbox gyms have been used in the past by the likes of Orlando Bloom and Christian Slater. They can then begin their work out.

Richard Hilton, the owner of Gymbox , said: “Creating a mental image or intention of what you want to happen or feel is proven to improve physical and psychological performance.

“The human weight lifting apparatus we have installed here at GYMBOX is the ultimate embodiment of visualisation theory.

“We’re going to closely monitor the performance of our members and are optimistic that they will see better results from their work outs with our new human weight machine than they have seen with normal equipment.”

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