Key Nutrients for Expectant Moms

By: proctor - April 20, 2008
A great article to check out if you are pregnant and want to know what nutrients to include in your diet is published below. It was written by Michelle Moss from PregnancyWithoutPounds.com Enjoy the read!

2 Critical Nutrients You MUST include in Your Diet

If you get those weekly “what’s my baby doing now” updates, then I’m sure you already know that from weeks 9-12 the development of your baby’s entire structure is completed and it’s totally dependent on what you eat.

That’s why it’s critical to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. And in this crucial window of time, it’s especially important that you consume adequate amounts of magnesium. Why? Because it’s not only important for your baby’s proper bone growth, but it’s also helpful for you to properly grow and repair important muscles like your uterus.

In fact, a recent study found that the amount of magnesium consumed during the first trimester was related to the weight, length and head circumference of your baby at birth – so don’t brush off eating healthy!

Now I’m sure you’re asking – what exactly do I need to eat to get enough magnesium?

It’s easier than you think. Aim to eat LOTS of salad greens, nuts, soybeans, seeds and whole grains – these are all high magnesium foods. You can also try a fresh greens salad with berries and sunflower seeds or a nice bowl of muesli with fresh fruit and yogurt (yum!). This will not only help you with your diet, it will also help with constipation (the pregnant woman’s curse).

Another equally important component in your diet is Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). They really are essential and are not included in your prenatal so be aware that you still need to make the effort to include them.

Wondering why such a fuss?

Well, EFA’s are necessary for the complete development of the baby’s brain during pregnancy. They aid in the development of the child’s nervous system and immune system – so this is not a nutrient you want to skimp on!

And as an added bonus, EFA’s will help to reduce your food cravings and control your appetite :)

One of the best sources of EFA’s, are the more oily fish, such as salmon. However, although salmon is considered a reasonably safe fish to eat during pregnancy, you still need to ensure that it is not coming from a contaminated lake or river. So, to be on the safe side, some other good sources of EFA’s are nuts, seeds, and leafy green vegetables.

If you’re someone who struggles to eat well (as do 99% of the population out there!), you can get both the nutrients I’ve spoken about in vitamin form.

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