Ski day 61 - The Hypodermic Needle

May 6, 2009

Completed my new ski line goal for the year, the Hypodermic Needle. Turned out to be my version of an Iron Man, 11 hrs round trip.

Several hours of that were bushwhacking, since the snow has melted at lower elevations. Crossing the creek was also a challenge, with the spring class 5 rapids in effect. Add some bulletproof ice in Coalpit Gulch to make steep skinning near impossible (got some road rash sliding down 100 ft at one point), and we didn't get to the peak till 11am after a 3:30 start below the Y Couloir.

Needless to say, close to noon on an east face in May is a bit sketchy. A ski cut sent some slop 2500 ft down to the gulley floor. As did pretty much every turn on the way down. Hair raising but fun.

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