May 10, 2007

So me and a trainer at the YMCA decided we were going to really supercharge this morning so we went to the upstairs track. We did sprints until muscle failure (about 38 minutes for me & 26 for him - he's a bit older & heavier) GEEZE, that was 5 45 am, and it's 9:25 and I have the most energy after a workout that I've ever had.

I always eat something about 45 minutes before working & make a shake before hit the shower, and then eat some oatmeal or something lean. (Though I do admit I love oatmeal with some Turkey bacon - mm) I know it's partly what you eat after your work out that's related to how much you slow down, I always eat slower releasing carbs before, and faster released afterward so my muscles get immediate nutrients to repair.

But the sprints really kicked things up a notch & changed the regular pace so I feel great. It's easy to lose sight of how important versatility is when it comes to working out, especially when it gets so easy to go through the same routine and you're done all of a sudden b/c the whole workout you get to go through the motion without thinking.

Did I mention I feel great????

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