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  • 70 year old male

  • February, 2009

  • Berkley, MI

About Me

  • When it comes to your fitness goals, you need a serious fitness plan. A fitness and wellness plan should include a great workout followed by a nutritious meal. If you want to see great results, then you have to use proper form followed by the right post workout meal. If you want to look good by the pool, at the beach or just be happier and healthier, then call or email me today. I will design a safe and effective workout for you.

    My name is Paul and I have been a fitness trainer for the past 4 years now. I have helped clients lose weight, gain muscle mass tone up, stretch and strength train. I have also help with core training and nutrition. I formerly worked in the automotive fitness centers at GM, Ford and Chrysler. I am nationally certified by ACE and fully insured. I am certified in CPR and AED. My rates are great and I offer multi session discounts.

    I train in my Berkley studio, your office or home. Have Weights, Will Travel. If you want to get in shape, be able to climb stairs without getting winded or just have a great summer, call and get results. The time is now. It's never too late to start.

    Price: $100 for three one hour sessions for first time clients.

    Berkley area
    Cell (248) 342-8332

  • Motivation is the key to moving, and the best way tokeep motovated is by changing the program or changing the timing of the exercise in the program. Keeping it simple yet making the client work everytime harder than the previous session.

Fitness Details

  • Improve cardiovascular strength

  • I am consistent and able to workout intensely.

  • I consider myself somewhat of an expert.

  • I consider myself somewhat of an expert.

  • I prefer friendly partners who help me work harder than I do on my own.

  • Mornings (8am-noon)

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Public Comments

  • By: iflyoften

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009 - 6:35am

    One of my favorite quotes is from folksinger, Pete Seeger.
    "It is not they years of your life, but the life in your years."
    So don't hesitate and do what you can when you can.

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