Ice Skating

About Ice Skating

  • Ice skaters are very fit athletes because they need incredible strength to jump and turn but also extreme flexibility in order to do certain positions like a bow (grab the blade of your skate behind your head with both arms). Their balance also incredible, as does their cardio fitness. However, the regular person who just wants to enjoy ice skating as a form of fitness instead of training for the Olympics will also benefit from balance-improving moves and a good muscular workout, especially in the lower legs. Make sure you stretch before you step onto the ice just in case you is a lot easier to prevent injury from falling if your muscles are loose and stretched out instead of tight and rigid.

Keep a Ice Skating Log

  • Ice skating can be done in the most urban or rural environments, from Rockefeller Center in NYC to your local frozen pond in Montana. It is one of the most popular sports in the Olympic games.

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