Hypnosis And Building Muscle

By: jonrhodesuk - January 16, 2009
Building muscle is just as much a mental activity as it is physical. The mind controls the body. If your mind does not want to go through hard and heavy workouts, your body will not want to either. You will end up solely going through the motions and training without the intensity required for maximum gains.

Many professional bodybuilders and top athletes already use psychological techniques to give them that 'edge'. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to visualize his muscles growing bigger and bigger, until they literally “filled the room”. The record breaking 400 meter Olympic champion Lee Evans owes some of his success to visualizing every stride of the race. His strategy is to "search out and correct weaknesses in every step I take". Tiger Woods' mental coach, Jay Brunza, hypnotizes him to block out distractions so that he can focus purely on his golf.

There is one hidden reason why many people fail to build muscle or improve their physical attributes. That reason is that their unconscious mind will not allow them.

Bodybuilding requires supreme amounts of personal discipline in the face of temptation. It demands discipline over the mind and body as you face pain and fatigue at each training session in an attempt to surpass yourself. It demands discipline to keep working and moving towards your goals for many years. There is a saying that the ‘will gives up before the muscle’. If you can increase your will with mental techniques, then you can increase your training intensity, and thus increase your gains.

Bodybuilding also requires mindfulness. You must be mindful about the foods you eat and how this will affect your mind and body.

Being present in the moment when training, and being mindful about what you are doing turns weight lifting into a meditative pursuit. Focusing on the muscle as it contracts and relaxes creates a powerful mind-body connection. This allows you to move and squeeze your muscles in a way that maximizes your growth potential.

Every time you lift a weight, your mind must lift it first. You must see yourself lifting it, and believe that you can lift it. I have seen many times someone accidentally picking up a heavier weight than they intended and complete their training sets with it. They thought they could lift it, so this removed the mental block that they previously had.

You sometimes hear people say they want to achieve something to only then follow it up with excuses, such as “I just don’t think that it’s possible.” Or “I don’t have the genetics.” They have already defeated themselves mentally. Lots of people compare their talent to someone else's, and when they see how far away they are from achieving this, they give up. The person who believes – achieves. How can you achieve anything without the belief? You will simply go about it half-heartedly, if at all.

Hypnosis can help you improve all these mental approaches. Hypnosis can help you establish your goals clearly through visualization. You can also rehearse and practice with visualization. Hypnosis can also help you believe you can achieve your goals, and keep you motivated to stick with your plan. There is also some evidence to suggest that through hypnosis, you can direct your body’s energies to places you wish to develop. Arnie was simply telling his body to build up his muscles when he visualized them growing bigger and bigger.

It is also widely documented that hypnosis can increase emotional responses in the body. These can be harnessed to release testosterone, which can further help muscular development. If you are serious about increasing your muscular or any other sporting abilities, then hypnosis could help you unlock your potential and go that extra yard you need for success.

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I have worked with people suffering from severe mental health problems since 2001. I have been involved in the successful long term rehabilitation of many people, helping them to integrate back into society. I work with people suffering from such severe illnesses as schizophrenia, autism, personality disorders , and many secondary illnesses such as depression.

In 2002, I decided to expand my knowledge base, and studied to be a clinical hypnotherapist at the London College Of Clinical Hypnotherapy. I was taught by some of the UK’s finest hypnotherapists, such as Peter Mabbutt, and Ursula James.

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  • By: Dionysios72

    Sunday, January 25, 2009 - 10:20am

    Another method that I found was very useful was to spend time meditating visualizing your entire workout the day before or during the week when you go to sleep. Visualize the movement and the actual feeling of the weight and successfully lifting it. Creat in your mind the strength you would feel by successfully lift the weight and relive positive experiences of you best workouts that way when you go into the gym your subconscious will be impregnated with such thoughts. This has to be done on a continuous basis. I foud this very helpful with martial arts in learning techniques and visualizing the generation of power and speed in my movements.For example when performing a roundhouse kick with the intent of developing speed. I visualized my leg as a whip and the movement with fluidity and speed as a whip. I continued the visualize it as I practiced and over time my speed drastically improved and it became second nature.

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