About Hiking

  • The great thing about hiking is that you don't need a lot of equipment or skills to get a terrific workout. Essential hiking equipment includes hiking boots or shoes, a water bottle, and probably a hat or sunscreen. Uphill hiking works muscles in the backs of your legs and your heart as you push yourself away from the force of gravity, and downhill hiking works the muscles in the front of your legs. Your balance and core get stimulated going over rocks, under fallen trees, and through streams. Hiking is a great workout to do with friends because you can sit down and have a picnic lunch at any time and chat the whole time unlike many sports where talking can distract you from the actions you are doing.

Keep a Hiking Log

  • A form of walking with the intent of getting outside and enjoying fresh air and scenery, hiking can be done in a forest or in the desert. You can strap on your shoes and go, or get really involved and take a GPS, backpack, and tent.

  • Hiking Log

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