Gyrokinesis - What is it?

By: michelleweber - February 9, 2009
GYROKINESIS® is a core strength movement system that encorporates the benefits of yoga, tai chi, swimming, gymnastics and dance. Created by Juliu Horvath, also the creator of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, this movement system is wonderfully beneficial to dancers and non dancers alike. The class works in circular and spiral movements to allow the entire body to stretch and strengthen through the seven natural elements of spinal movement. This is achieved through rhythmic and flowing movements connected to breath, allowing the exercises to feel more like a dance or swimming than traditional yoga. Benefits of this movement are dramatically increased flexibility, extension, coordination, and stamina, and a wonderful energetic balance in the body.

For more information, you can visit Gyrotonic.com and read about the origin of this exercise method, discover why it works, and get informed as to where to find it near your city.

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I have been a certified Gyrotonic Expansion System Instructor for 6 years now. I also teach Gyrokinesis and Pilates. I love working with all people no matter their current shape. This work is beneficial to EVERYONE--Marathon runners, dancers, gymnasts, actors and singers, and even your grandmother can do it! Your body will thank you for it over and over!

I also have a specialized Pre/Post Natal certification from The Center for Women's Fitness that allows me to help women prepare fully for the months leading up to birthing, and also immediately starts to help the recover following delivery. It is a joy to help women feel their best through this wonderful journey.

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