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  • PwC KC Running Club

    Invitation only, founded June 25, 2008

    Group for PwC Staff who are interested in running.

  • Snowboard & Ski group

    Anyone can join, founded October 1, 2008

    Trying to get a snow crew for the winter snowboarding and ski trips.


    Invitation only, founded January 1, 2010

    Ladies this is our year. 2010. Decide how many miles in the entire year you would like to walk and then log them and tell us about it! Let's help to encourage each other and push each other to be better in 2010 than we were in 2009.

  • Go Vertical-Aspen

    Anyone can join, founded July 19, 2006

    This is a race/hike to the summit of Aspen Mountain on Sunday, July 30 at 7:30 am. The course is 3.37 miles, and 3267 vertical feet. Go Vertical-Aspen benefits the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Entry fee is $30 for pre-registration, $40 on...

  • Cross Country Club Of Dallas (Texas)

    Anyone can join, founded August 26, 2006

    The CCCD is primarily a road racing club that offers eight free races (one of those a cross country relay event) per year to its members. The races range from 5K to 15K. We also sponsor the HALF half marathon in November that draws approximately 3000...

  • White River Road Runners

    Anyone can join, founded August 26, 2006

    Running Club in Batesville, AR

  • Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders

    Anyone can join, founded October 15, 2006

    LMJS is a large social, recreational, and competitive running club in Oakland, CA and welcomes all those interested in running, whether beginning, walking, jogging or competitive racing. Our Fourth Sunday Run features 5K, 10K, and 15K races around Lake...


    Anyone can join, founded April 8, 2007

    Tu/Th Morn 6-7a
    SUN 9-10a

    Although this is a "group class" we utilize cardio and resistance training into a circuit format!

    So bring a great attitude, a bottle of water, and the willingness to have fun and lose weight!

    We also use Wellness...

  • Fit Club

    Anyone can join, founded September 9, 2008

    Beach Boot Camp that incorporates all aspects of health and fitness. During the Classes we utilize resistance training, cardio, core and balance through a variety of exercises and circuits. Our goal is to take the now popular "boot camp" and make it...

  • Central Park Runners

    Anyone can join, founded July 15, 2008

    This group is a meeting place for people of all levels who share the common thread of running in Central Park NYC. Please join us and meet other runners and get those miles in!!!

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