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  • Team MueDik

    Invitation only, founded January 12, 2011

    Team of bad asses committed to training for and finishing a Half Ironman. membership is by invitation only.

  • Feel The Burn

    Invitation only, founded February 1, 2009

    workout crew. a bunch of guys who need motivaton to workout because they don't have strong enough will to do it on their own.

  • Chub Club

    Anyone can join, founded October 22, 2009

    Anyone who is 50 or more pounds over weight. If you are looking to get healthy through walking and by engaging in activities that keeps us busy,away from couch and frig, then lets work together and make our lives better. For those who have let themselves...

  • Inverted Athletic Cut

    Anyone can join, founded August 29, 2006

    I want to start a group of "virtual neighbors" who are old athletes that want to get back in "reasonable" shape. You know who you are. You used to buy a suit with the "athletic cut". Now you ask for the inverted athletic cut". You don't belong to a club....

  • Rockette Alumni

    Application required, founded January 20, 2007

    This group is for all members of the Rockette Alumni Association to keep in touch, share pictures and stories, and post updates on future events.

  • Community Meltdown

    Anyone can join, founded March 22, 2007

    We lose weight, get fit, and have fun together. Carole Carson, creator of the Community Meltdown and author of "From Fat to Fit" inspired over 1,000 people in Nevada County to team together and lose over 4 tons in 2 months. She is inviting you to...

  • Unlimited Personal Training Group

    Anyone can join, founded September 24, 2007

    Join an exciting group of people that meet together 1-5 times a week in private/group personal training sessions. We offer weight loss programs, mens only groups, circuit training, weight lifting, and sport specific training. Join us for a cooking...

  • M & F Rock Hard Challenge 2008

    Anyone can join, founded June 1, 2008

    Group for the Muscle and Fitness Rock Hard Challenge 2008. Let's all help each other become winners!

  • Flab Busters

    Invitation only, founded December 15, 2010

    I hope this works out. I want us all to be able to post workouts and have the ability to comment on each others workouts...

  • SCA Workouts

    Anyone can join, founded March 8, 2010

    This group is designed for the SCA or Society for Creative Anachronism members who want to talk with other like minded folks about thier workouts.

    This is not just for stick jocks.

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