Exercise & Fitness Groups

  • realskiers

    Anyone can join, founded July 30, 2008

    An online realskiers community devoted to helping skiers connect online and on the hill and to helping skiers become the best skiers they can be.

  • Matt's Minions

    Anyone can join, founded November 13, 2008

    A community of health and fitness minded individuals that train with or are friends with me.

  • Group Transformation Class

    Application required, founded September 13, 2006

    Ultimate Body Transformations!!!

  • LPAC Members

    Anyone can join, founded June 5, 2006

    Group for members of Lincoln Park Athletic Club to meet and connect. If you are a member of the club sign up and meet other members. This will be great for anyone looking to meet climbing partners, pick up basketbell games, lifting partners, whatever. See...

  • 38-Day Transformation Challenge

    Anyone can join, founded October 28, 2009

    Do you WANT to GET IN SHAPE? (Look and Feel Better Than Ever!)

    You’re in luck than! Your new body starts now. Take the eFitness for Life 38-Day Transformation Challenge NOW!

    Enter the next eFitness for Life 38-Day Transformation Challenge and take...

  • Primal Living STL

    Anyone can join, founded February 4, 2011

    A group for those interested in following a Primal or Paleo lifestyle

  • UCF Summer B Personal Fitness

    Invitation only, founded June 28, 2010

    Summer ‘B’ 2010
    Instructor: Tim Powell

  • Thinner Times

    Anyone can join, founded August 20, 2008

    This is an exercise support group for anyone who has had weight loss surgery or planning on it in the future.

  • UCSF Squash (Parnassus)

    Anyone can join, founded January 7, 2010

    To promote community among squash players.

    Check out the Schedule section for information about upcoming clinics.

    To book courts at Millberry: www.xpiron.com

    For private squash lessons, contact squash pro, Dominique Chiquet at dominique.chiquet@ucsf.edu

  • 2 Wills Way

    Invitation only, founded June 7, 2006

    Anybody who comes to the beach house gets to stay in shape with this group (or get in shape!).

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