Exercise & Fitness Groups in Los Angeles, CA

  • Fitness Group for Black Women (FGBW)

    Application required, founded October 8, 2006

    A free community workout group for black women , 25 years of age and older, in Los Angeles, CA. We walk three times a week (walking, stair climbing), participate in 5K and 10 health walks, meet-n-greet sessions.
    Opportunity to workout, make a difference...

  • Los Angeles Roadrunners

    Application required, founded October 14, 2006

    The official training program of the Los Angeles Marathon
    Don't bother "joining" on fitlink. Go to the website or come to a run.
    I just "created" this group on fitlink. I don't actually run the LA Roadrunners.

  • LEGENDS - Adult Recreational Basketball

    Anyone can join, founded December 26, 2009

    This is an Adult Recreational Basketball League for Men (35-&-Over) and Women Division(open division) who still love the game.

    We offer a year around recreational basketball league to those wanting to stretch their legs during the week. Ideal for...

  • Mobile Modular Mira Loma Branch

    Application required, founded July 9, 2010

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