Exercise & Fitness Groups in Chicago, IL

  • LPAC Marathon Training Group

    Anyone can join, founded July 8, 2006

    This group is running together 2 days a week to prepare for a fall marathon.

  • LPAC Members

    Anyone can join, founded June 5, 2006

    Group for members of Lincoln Park Athletic Club to meet and connect. If you are a member of the club sign up and meet other members. This will be great for anyone looking to meet climbing partners, pick up basketbell games, lifting partners, whatever. See...

  • Go Vertical-Aspen

    Anyone can join, founded July 19, 2006

    This is a race/hike to the summit of Aspen Mountain on Sunday, July 30 at 7:30 am. The course is 3.37 miles, and 3267 vertical feet. Go Vertical-Aspen benefits the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Entry fee is $30 for pre-registration, $40 on...

  • KTFitness Classes

    Anyone can join, founded January 25, 2009

    KTFitness group personal training classes. They are a mix of aerobics, strength training, and balance, with a concentration on core. They are efficient, effective, challenging, yet fun!

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