Exercise & Fitness Groups in Boston, MA


    Anyone can join, founded August 31, 2008

    SHAKE DANCE & FITNESS STUDIO is a dance-fitness studio offering unique dance-fitness classes for both children & adults of all ages, dance abilities & fitness levels!! We offer exciting and unique classes such as: Zumba®, Bollywood, Mediterranean Music &...

  • Northshore Outrigger Canoe Club

    Anyone can join, founded January 1, 2008

    North Shore Outrigger is dedicated to promoting and perpetuating the sport of Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing by providing recreational and competitive paddling opportunities for adults of all ages.
    Our home on the water, the Salem Sound, offers an...

  • Get It In Fitness for Women

    Anyone can join, founded May 6, 2011

    A fitness support group for women who are striving to live a healthy lifestyle. Focus on group exercise, walk groups, nutrition and fitness.

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